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Take the weight off your shoulders. With Unison, you can use the home equity you own to pay off any debt on your schedule – no monthly payments, no interest, no deadlines to worry about.
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Put monthly payments in the past
With Unison® Equity Sharing, you can stop paying interest and start spending on the important things in life. Whether you’re looking to erase debt, or fund an upcoming expense interest-free, we’re here to help keep you in the green.
Estimated Home Value
This calculator is purely an estimate and assumes you take out the maximum Initial Payment of the equity sharing agreement available based on your estimated home value and does not factor in the 3.9% Transaction Fee due to Unison or other closing costs which reduce your net Initial Payment.
Use Unison to Pay Off
in monthly payments
and still have
cash left!
Live debt-free

Unison® Home Equity Sharing has helped Americans pay off over $100 million in debt, from student loans to credit cards. Rather than sinking your hard-earned dollars into never-ending interest payments, let Unison® empower you to spend on what matters most to you.

Boost your credit

Reducing balances has an immediate impact on your credit, helping you put your best foot forward. We’ve helped our homeowners raise their FICO scores by an average of 20 points in just months, and a clean slate from debt can turn that momentum into long-term financial sustainability.